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Week 50 with Tommy Gimler

Week 47 with Christine Romeo (Farrah Fawcett Foundation)

Week 45 Beatles Books!

Week 43 with Sandro Monetti

Week 39 with Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

Week 36 with Jim O'Heir and Lynda Bensky

Week 35 with Carol Welsman

Week 32 with Lawrence Gowan (Styx)

Week 31 with Gavin Scott

Week 30 with Niko Bolas

Week 29 with Jonas Tomalty

Week 28 with Strummer Hollis

Week 27 with Matthew Polly

Week 26 with Pete Price

Week 24 with Melissa Manchester

Week 23 with Pamela Des Barres

Week 22 with Roger Joseph Manning

Week 20 with Mike Portnoy

Week 19 with Myriam von M

Week 16 with Ruth McCartney

The Deborah Kobylt Show

Week 15 with Ruth McCartney