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Angie is featuring a myriad of fab flavours of Organic and Fair Trade Teas for you to enjoy - you can find them by clicking on the "Shoppe" above. We have STRONG British Breakfast (be warned, your spoon might stand up in the cup); 50 Shades of Earl Grey (if you're feeling naughtea); Strawberry Green Fields (forever); Blue Jay Blueberry (a black tea with organic blueberries) ; Liverpool Red a Rooibos with Herbs de Provence (if South Africa and Southern France had a baby this would be it!); Golden Slumbers (a green tea with a cheeky little toasted puffy rice); Rockstar Rescue (a throat soothing, after show tea).
Recently, we've expanded our inventory with bold new flavours: Penny Lane Peppermint, Abbey Road Apple, Maharishi Peach and we've added MopTop Maple, Flu Fighter and Magical Mint to the store.

Also, we've just released our new Tea Flavour Book! You can see all our tea flavours in one PDF. Download now!

Angie McCartney ~ The Tea Lady
Having had high tea with both billionaires and busboys, notables and the notorious, Angie is well versed in the art of conversation with her common touch approach to life. As the only living Beatles' step-mom, she's always ready to regale with anecdotes of inspiration, humor, survival instincts, small business tips and tricks, backstage tidbits, and is interested in everything and everybody. In fact, once you've got the kettle on for some of her truly astonishing teas, why don't you treat yourself to a signed copy of her book?


Angie's New Book YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW available in The Shoppe!

From the Publisher...

"Your Mother Should Know" is Angie McCartney's collection of stores about her life (and her daughter Ruth's life) as Paul McCartney's step mother. Her stories and musings are funny, romantic, sad, positive, inspirational, wise, witty, and simply fascinating. Now 90 years old, Angie takes you from her beginnings in Liverpool during World War II, through her romance with Paul's father Jim, Beatlemania, to life after The Beatles in Australia, Germany, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Angie's book has QR codes included throughout the book, making it a fun and interactive read.

Visit the shoppe and get your personalized autographed copy from Dr. Angie McCartney! Click here!

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How You're Helping
All of the flavours are Organic and Fair Trade Teas ~ you can find them by clicking on the "Store" above, and each purchase will directly benefit the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Research Centre in Liverpool, UK as Angie firmly believes that charity begins at home. In her early 90's and as feisty as ever, Angie still has major plans to take over the world. Look out Betty White!

Download Angie McCartney - The Tea Lady PR information brochure here...(PDF)

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