MopTop Maple

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Introducing MopTop Maple.

Maple sugar has been produced from the sap of Maple trees in North America for hundreds of years. When the first Europeans arrived in the New World they found the Native inhabitants tapping the trees in order to gather the sap that was used. The Natives would then use hot stones to help evaporate the sap leaving behind Maple sugar, which they referred to as "sinzibukwud". With the influence of the Europeans, many different methods for processing the raw Maple Sugar were developed. These ranged from Maple candy to Maple syrup; mmmmmm. One of the most delicious of these is Maple Cream. It is believed that the first people to blend cream and Maple syrup lived in Vermont during the 1800's. State legend has it that the son of a prominent Maple producer chose for his wife the daughter of a local dairyman. For their wedding, the couple decided they wanted to serve their guests something new, delicious, and wonderful. The concocted the idea of blending syrup with fresh dairy cream and voila, Maple Cream was born. The wedding feast was a smashing success, as was the marriage. (A son was born exactly 9 months later to the day!) In the same spirit of innovation we decided to create this blend. The taste of this tea is second to none. Sweet, with slightly burnt undertones, this one is fantastic with a dash of sugar and a little milk.

North America's northeastern reaches were once completely covered by what is known in Canada as the Carolinian forest, and in the US the Eastern Deciduous forest. The native inhabitants who called this forest home learned to carve a living from its natural wonders. One of the most miraculous of these was the sap of the mighty sugar Maple tree that dominated the forest from one end to the other. Early natives noticed that each spring, small animals would chew on the branches of the tree. They discovered that the animals were attracted to the sweet sap and devised a way to tap the trees but cutting notches in the bark to allow it to run out freely. This they would collect in pails and boil down to a thick, sweet syrup. Maple syrup! When the first European settlers began arriving in 17th century, the natives showed them how to make the syrup. The sweet delicious flavor meant it very quickly became a staple of their diet. To this day, Canada and New England are world renowned for what can only be referred to as the "wonder of the woods". We've captured this incredible favor and added it to a luxury, high grown Ceylon tea for a sweet cuppa that's second to none. Cheers!

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, Calendula + Sunflower petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant), Real maple syrup.
INGREDIENTS FROM: Sri Lanka / Kenya / India / Egypt / Poland
REGION(S): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva / Nandi Highlands / Nilgiri / Nile River Delta + Fayoum / Gdansk
GROWING ALTITUDES: 4000 - 8500 feet above sea level
GRADE(S): OP (Orange Pekoe)
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S): Orthodox (Traditional leafy)
INFUSION: Bright and coppery

Contents: 18 pyramid tea bags to make 36 splendid cups of tea.

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