Ticket to Ride - Legendary Beatle Locations For The Day Tripper

$ 29.95

Angie McCartney was part of the inner circle of Fab Fourdom in Liverpool in the '60s, and as the step-mother to Sir Paul she has had many interactions with rockstars and royalty, pop stars and presidents, and they all have one thing in common... they're Beatle fans. Now that Beatle Tourism is a burgeoning industry, Angie's travel-size book takes you down memory lane to Penny Lane and 85+ other points of interest on the long and winding road. You'll be directed to spots in the Mop Top maps of Liverpool, London, Hamburg, New York and Los Angeles, you'll discover nuggets and stories to satisfy the day tripper in you! The book also features SmartBook® technology from McCartney Multimedia, and by scanning the QR codes with your smart-phone, you'll be transported to a destination of fascination online, with links to tours, maps, trivia, videos, much more information than we can fit in a postcard sized book, and a deeper dive into these tourist locations and their magical history. We hope you travel safely and create memories for a lifetime as in these legendary locations, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. This copy will be personally autographed by Dr. Angie - please send us a note to whom it should autographed and bon voyage! Media Mail rate quoted is domestic USA. International additional shipping rates may apply.

Hardback. Full colour.

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