There Are Faces I Remember

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This is one very fine coffee table book. Exclusively signed by Dr. Angie McCartney.

There Are Faces I Remember... Some Have Gone and Some Remain

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my latest book. This is a personal look at some of the Fabs, their friends and family members who have crossed my path in the last six decades. All 168 of them. 114 you’ll find in the printed version and you’ll get an e-book passcode to access the other 54 folks who are an important, late-breaking part of the news!

I am writing about people whom I was fortunate to meet as a result of “marrying into the family” – The Beatles family – to be exact. That happened when I wed Jim McCartney, Paul’s dad, in November, 1964. My first real adventure into their world was our honeymoon in Nassau in the Bahamas in early 1965, where we watched the boys filming scenes for their HELP! movie. What a trip that was. Alistair “Mr. Fixit” Taylor made all the arrangements, and then it was “up, up and away.”

There are, of course, other people who loomed large in the history of The Beatles. However, I am only writing about people whom I actually met. For example, I was never fortunate enough to have met Stuart Sutcliffe. I had a lovely friendship with Stuart’s sister, Pauline, and her partner, Diane Vitale. Sadly, Pauline is no longer with us but Diane is continuing to take care of the Stuart Sutcliffe Foundation and working dilligently to keep his memory and his legacy alive. We are keeping in touch on the subject. And it may be a surprise for you to know that despite all these years having flown by, I have never personally communicated with Yoko.

When I look back on my life (and The Faces I Remember), I am grateful for experiences and friendships made, and the music shared, which I know will go on into the sunset.

I contacted the “usual suspects” with a few Q & A’s to add to the book, and those who responded are included at the end of their respective chapters. A little inside information, straight from the horses’ mouths!

I hope you enjoy my latest effort, and I will also be pleased to hear from you on my Dr. Angie McCartney Facebook page. And you can always find me at

Ruth and I also present a half-hour show called TEAFLIX Tuesdays on from 11:30 a.m. Pacific time for a nice chit-chat. We often have interesting guests from Beatle World and other places join us. So c’mon down! Previous editions are on YouTube and you can access them at

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