Times for Tea November 10 2017

* Cream Tea - a simple tea consisting of scones, clotted cream, marmalade or lemon curd and tea.

* Low Tea/Afternoon Tea  - an afternoon meal including sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, 2 - 3 sweets and tea. Known as "low tea" because guests were seated in low armchairs with low side tables on which to place their cups and saucers.

* Elevenses - morning tea or coffee time in England.

* Royale tea - A social tea served with champagne at the beginning or sherry at the end of the tea. 

* High tea - High tea notates an idea of elegancy and reality, when in fact it was an evening meal, most often enjoyed around 6 p.m. as labourers and miners returned home. High tea consists of meat and potatoes as well as other foods and tea. It was not exclusively a working class meal, but was adopted by all social groups. Families with servants  often took high tea on Sundays in order to allow the maids and butlers time to go to church and not to have to worry about cooking an evening meal for the family.