Blue Jay Blueberry (Customer Review) January 24 2017

Dear Mrs. McCartney,
You have turned a Southern iced sweet tea girl into a proper lady with a cuppa!
Your book inspired me to put the kettle on and partake of your fine organic teas!  

I have sampled all flavors, but my favorite is Blue Jay Blueberry (sorry Mum, I'm a George girl).
The delicious black tea is blanketed with a groovy blueberry fragrance and I treat myself to a cup every evening.
The tea bags are exquisitely presented in a beautiful nylon bag labeled "Luxury Tea" and I have been proud to gift the teas to many loved ones, with very heartfelt excitement.

Someone very dear to you said ... "Drink to me, drink to my health" ... and apparently you took that to "heart," as I have also learned that your teas contain multiple health benefits.

Thank you Mrs. McCartney, for your attention to detail in a product that is as delightful as you!