About Rockstar Rescue January 21 2016

As far a states of being go, serenity ranks right up near the top of what we as human beings aspire to. For some, it's a walk in the woods, taking the air, while birds call from the trees. For others, serenity is found within - a calming of the spirit. Throughout human history, many have tried to capture that feeling and what it means to us as individuals. The ancient Greeks developed the concept of ataraxia, the absence of cares and freedom from worry . From Buddhism, we get Passaddhi, serenity of the body, speech and thoughts on the path to enlightenment. More recently, the Poet, William Wordsworth wrote that "poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in serenity." So next time you are feeling the stresses of daily life, or your throat needs soothing, try a cup of this delightful tea, with camomile, passion flower petals, lemon balm and mild licorice to calm you.