Tea has its way of soothing, calming, and relaxing August 25 2015

I find that my first cup of tea, early morning, gives me that "get up and go" feeling, and is usually followed pretty smartly by a second cup. My personal favourite is English Breakfast - the habit of a lifetime, I guess. As the day wears on, I usually quaff a couple of cups of other flavours, such as Penny Lane Peppermint, and my new afternoon favourite, Maharishi Peach, usually accompanied by a couple of "suggestive" biscuits! There's no doubt that, for me, the four o'clock hour really is the magic time for a pick-me-up, encouraging me to stagger through another couple of hours of online adventures. I so enjoy hearing from many of my 5,000 Facebook friends about their preferences, and we are working with our supplier on adding some new blends in the very near future.